Amsterdam Gay Pride 2013

Below you can see the photos I took during the Canal Parade and afterwards on Zeedijk, near the oldest Gay bar [1927] in Amsterdam!
There were floats from the Dutch government, including ministers, the Defense Department, the boys and girls in Blue [police], but also the Royal Dutch Soccer Association with players and officials. Next to them big companies, advertisers, bars, political parties and many, many people who had just fun. Over half a million visitors saw the 80 floats passing along the canal and river Amstel. Two of the last photos are from the Skinny Bridge over the river and a seal, who took a wrong turn, swimming in that Amstel river. But of course the first one is of the Westertoren [tower] part of the Westerkerk [church] showing its True Colors.

5 thoughts on “Amsterdam Gay Pride 2013

  1. At times I am rather obtuse. I hadn’t thought the parade would be on water, but it makes sense.
    These are splendid photos!

    1. Girl, one way or another I knew you would say that! It was a fun day/night out. Neighbor Mario arranged the seating on the café boat.

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