Amsterdam Pride Opened With A Bang

AGP-we-are-proudLast night Amsterdam Pride opened with a bang. The sounds came from thunder and the heavens opened with a deluge. It wasn’t stopping the invited 300+ guests since most of the party was indoors.

We in the northern parts of town, were not invited, but that didn’t stop us. We were preparing for our first PINK NOORD PICKNICK. [I know in the US you would write it as a picnic, but every country has its own way of spelling it. Even between UK English and US English are big differences!] This picknick will happen later today at the Noorderpark.

I still have to drain the cucumber slices, slather slices of bread with a dressing and put deli meats, salmon, cucumber and sweets on them. The blush wine is still cooling and so is the bubbly, buttermilk, cheeses, salads, olives and soda. I will take them out at the last moment. Paper plates, plastic cutlery and strong drinking glasses are already packed. Including pepper and salt shakers and also important, but not on a slice of bread, a parasol and blanket.

Of course all of this is far too much for me alone, one slice of bread and a glass of milk is enough, but to attract others you just have to feed them.

I have no idea what the turn out will be, at least the other team members will be there with their partners and maybe some friends as well. And when it’s a no-show of the others… then it’s their problem, not mine.

5 thoughts on “Amsterdam Pride Opened With A Bang

    1. I got home at 11.30 pm, the picnic finished just past 6 pm. Then off to home to drop some of the left over stuff and then together with 2 friends we went to Zeedijk [gay neighborhood] for a drink. ​

      The photos I still have to download, but they’ll be online soon.


    1. ​I’ve had a fun week, and hope to have another fun week* ahead of me. [*or month, year, eternity]. Pride week has just started, and plans for next weekend, the Canal Parade, are developing.


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