Best Way Not To Melt…

melted… Is to stay indoors! No, I don’t have an AC, the highest temperature we normally get is 25° C / 77° F. But lately we’ve seen the mercury rise to 32° C / 90° F. The prognosis are we’ll get a good thunder shower tomorrow but for the next 10 days the temps will get higher. Normally when you live inland it’s not that bad, the humidity compensates high temperatures, here in the coastal regions it gets worse.

BTW, indoors it’s 27° C / 80° F. And that melted Ice cream truck is a piece of art near a beach in Sydney, Australia.

5 thoughts on “Best Way Not To Melt…

  1. You know American news focuses only on America and how hot an uncle Harry is. So it this heat shaping up to be similar to the summer heat wave a few years back that killed so many? Is it just you or is the rest of Europe suffering?

  2. I LOVE that ice cream truck! The first time I was in Amsterdam was summer of ’75. MAJOR heatwave. The thermometer reached 34C and not an AC in sight. Ugh!

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