Mixing Things Up

mix-things-upI’ve seen my Mum twice now in the hospital, I take the evening visiting shift, and talked with her about what’s going on. She’s doing remarkable well for a lady of her age [93], but in the mean time she’s mixing events up in her head. First she said “There you are, have you closed up the shop?” [I did, almost twelve years ago!]

When I asked what she had for dinner she couldn’t remember, but she did remember she had dinner downstairs in the restaurant with my Dad. [All of that happened last year between September and November, in a nursing home, when my Dad broke his hip bone]. Then suddenly she knows what day it is, an article in the paper she read or just a non important titbit, the mind has mysterious ways to shuffle the memories around. One thing she knows all too well, she writes down what is going on around her, and has done so for the last 15+ years. So when you tell her something of years gone by she remarks “You’ve read that in my little black book!” Which has for each year a different color, except black.

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