TMI – Eat ! Drink ! Be Mary !

Rainbow-drink21. Cocktails at brunch: Bloody Mary or Mimosa?
2. Do you have a favorite food/drink pairing?
Whole wheat bread, cheese and a glass of buttermilk! 😉
3. Beer? Wine? or Cocktails? Why?
I don’t drink that much anymore, since the gastric bypass I have to watch what I drink
4. Red wine or white wine?
Depends on the food
5. Tell me about the hard stuff.
A good Gin & Tonic [Tanqueray 10 y.o.]
6. Cigars?
NEVER! I do like the smell of a good cigar but I don’t smoke.
7. When was the last time you were hungover? Worst hangover?
Ages ago, the worst one was some 37 years ago, a farewell party on Friday night after work, most of us had to work the next Saturday too. Luckily trainees took care of most customers. This was when I worked in the Ruhr area in Germany.
8. Best hangover cure.
Bloody Mary and loads of water before you go to bed.
9. Craziest/baddest thing you did when you had too much? Did you remember it or did your friends inform you? Make it a fun one!
After a party in London UK, I talked to trees and lampposts, or so my friend Marc told me, afterwards. And still after all those [30+] years he reminds me of that night.

Are you a cheap date? How many drinks does it take you get you into bed?
It’s not the drink but the company that makes the difference.

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  1. I would glad and honored to be your cheap date: I hope some day to visit you – I promise to bring some proper gin too.

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