I Just Saw Her…

Medical SignSaturday the mother of a friend passed away after a long sickbed. Yesterday I stayed with my Mum while my Dad visited a friend for her birthday. Part of the time my Mum slept, but around four she walked in, sat in her chair and said “It’s time for tea and a cookie or two, three…”, which we had. I left around six when my Dad came home.

This morning just after nine the phone rang, which I couldn’t pick up because I was still in the shower, then my cell went off… I knew something was up so I rang back. Turned out Mum couldn’t get enough oxygen before she went to bed at 10 the night before, so my Dad called an emergency doctor who, after seeing the patient, called an ambulance.

I can see her in a few hours at the hospital, and hope to hear what’s going on. Big Sis stopped her travel with a friend short and is with my Dad at home now. Lil’ Sis is travelling with her family somewhere through Laos and/or Viet Nam. She will get a call when the end is near and all hope has gone, not before. And my little brother… he’ll find out when he comes over this weekend for a scheduled visit.

Yesterday my Mum told me she had a good life but it was enough. She said “I sleep more than I’m awake, why can’t the Lord let me sleep all the time…”. I couldn’t answer her.

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