On The Road Again…

ilperveldAnother day ‘on the road’, and another nature reserve which is close to town. And just as before I’ve never been here before.

I took the scooter to Ilpendam, across the canal by ferry and used the only road named Dorre Ilp to Den Ilp [a village with only one road which is also called Den Ilp]

The Ilperveld is a peat land area, which is made up of several meters thick swampy peat, which is mainly grass, reeds and moss and the occasional swamp.

The peat was briefly operated, hence the hundreds of corridors, ditches and isles, some of which are grown over back to land. However, it became less profitable because of the flooding of the former salty Zuiderzee. This is also the reason that the flora still contains many brackish water species. There are many endangered plants and birds, like salty herbs and mosses; meadow birds, marsh birds and waterfowl. The root vole occurs, this is one of the most endangered species of the Ilperveld. Furthermore, many fish species such as the European bitterling, pike and eel. The wetland area is accessible for peace and nature-based recreation, such as boating, canoeing or fishing, but only from the sides of the nature reserve. There’s only one cycle path through the reserve, for the rest just peace and quiet.

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