TMI – It’s The Apocalyse !

The_Netherlands_compared_to_sealevel1. Have you lived through a natural disaster?
2. Which natural disasters could occur where you live?
Flooding. I live on the bottom of a former lake, but also most of my country lies 4 meter / over 13 feet under sea level.
3. Which natural disaster would scare you the most?
4. What kind of preparations have to taken to survive the next one?
Since you never know when it happens, non preparations are taken.
5. Which disaster, natural or manmade, do you fear the most?
Extreme winds and cold temperatures
6. Which manmade apocalypse do you think is most likely?
Atom bomb, but when it happens no-one will be around anymore
7. Zombies, aliens, asteroids, plague, ice age or ??? Survival is possible. What will you do?
Try to live as best as possible
8. Describe the apocalypse, natural or manmade, real or fictional, you’d choose to end all life as we know it.
Meteorite that splits the earth
9. In one month the world will end. How do you spend it?
Try to make the best of it, I’m not going to count the days until it happens.

Have you ever had a sexual experience that you’d classify as the end of world? Was it a good end or bad?
I’ve had non of that yet, but who knows maybe it happens on the last day, when the world ends.

2 thoughts on “TMI – It’s The Apocalyse !

  1. In case of flooding, climb that mountain you mentioned last week or so.
    I’ve had 5-6 personal apocalypses, I can skip having any more, personal or environmental.

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