Go West !

At last a really sunny day, 24° C / 76° F, not just behind the clouds like last week. I had a great start, coffee with a baked sandwich next to Noordermarkt, then my weekend shopping on the farmers market again on Noordermarket [Jordaan] but also some vegs on Lindengracht market and some red wine olives further down that market before driving to Daveren. Here friends Wim & Pierre have their “home away from home”.
Go-west-01Many of the Amsterdammers don’t have a garden or just a small balcony, so just outside the city there are allotments on which people can grow their own vegetables or have a small garden, most come with a small wooden house and a shed. The wooden house can’t be larger than 28 square meters / 300 square foot. [The shed 2 sq meters / 21.5 sq ft] With nice weather you live mostly outdoors, but indoors all the things you normally have at home is there too. Kitchen, toilet, shower, bed, living/diningroom. Your fridge works on gas, the heating on oil, or all of it works on solar energy.

Again I used the Brettenpad through Westerpark and the Westpoort harbour district, a distance [from home] of 15 km / 10 miles, while enjoying the sunshine but also the shade. At the allotment coffee was waiting and a bowl of cantaloupe melon and sweet strawberries. I just stayed for an hour,they had work to do on the roof, on Wednesday the solar panels will be installed, so their fridge can be taken off the gas container and the radio/TV works as well.

It took little over an hour to get back home, just missed the ferry, and then I felt the sting on my skin. All I needed was some After Sun lotion slathered on the exposed skin, before nodding off for a short nap.