Chilly On The Slopes

twiskeIt was still a bit chilly while driving east this morning. I had to drop off an envelope at my sisters place in Oostzanerwerf and then I just turned around and went to Oostzaan and “Het Twiske”. The Twiske area is part nature reserve but has also recreational grounds, almost a third of it is water.

I’ve known of this area for a long time but never went there before until today. I hoped to cross it towards Den Ilp and drive then slowly back home. Halfway into the park I took a wrong turn and another and vice versa, so I ended up in the newer parts of Oostzaan, but after asking directions I was on my way again, this time the right [hmm] road.

It was a nice drive through the park, but also I noticed the city of Zaandam is not that far away when you use the cycle paths [and stay out of the park].