At Last… Summer Has Started In The Dutch Mountains*

mountains-dutchOnly 10 days ago there was some night frost in the valleys of Brabant and Twente, but if we can believe the weathergods men/women summer finally starts today.

Normally around this time of year I only sleep under a sheet, so I don’t feel the cool air from the AC blowing over my legs or body. The AC hasn’t been switched on, yet. There’s still a thick duvet on my bed, and almost two weeks ago I had two of them keeping me warm during the night.

Later today it will be 21° C / 70° F, my long overdue plan to travel the countryside, read a book in the shade of a tree, have a coffee on an outside terrace in a town not called Amsterdam can come to fruition. The only thing I haven’t decided on which way to travel is… do I go north towards Waterland / Purmerend, or west Oostzaan / Zaandam. Going east I could end up in Weesp or near the castle of Muiden, or south Ouderkerk along the Amstel river.

*BTW, we don’t have mountains in the Netherlands, the one we call a mountain is only a hill with a height of 348 meters in the deep south of the country, just outside Maastricht.


6 thoughts on “At Last… Summer Has Started In The Dutch Mountains*

    1. Can I start my own campfire and roast marshmellows on the hood of your car?

      The temperatures where you live sounds horrible to me. 44 C / 111 F in the shade, is a bit too much for me. I would be melting… on the possitive side it has a slimming effect.

    1. You know the type, just a fan. But when the temperature indoors rises to 29 degrees [the joy of good insulation in winter] its nice to have a breeze or the feel of one in the living or bed room.

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