A Dogably PAWfect Day #97 OMG!

Hershey in the US state of Pennsylvania hosts the weird annual event where extreme pet stylists gather to show of their preened pooches. It takes two intense hours for the creative groomers to produce their masterpieces before facing judges. The dogs have all been sheared and coloured in the name of art – and top pet photographer Ren Netherland is always on hand to capture the incredible results. At the highest level winners can scoop up to $30,000 in prize money for a single event.

Article in UK Telegraph

6 thoughts on “A Dogably PAWfect Day #97 OMG!

    1. Many large chocolate manufacturers use the cheapest cocao they can find. Next to big profits they advertise these products as if their life depends on it.

      I only eat chocolate from single estate plantations, where the people get a good income for the work they do.

      On the dogs, it’s just cruel what they do to them!

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