TMI – Father’s Day Questionaire!

TMI-happy-Father's-Day- Questionnaire-image-gif1. My dad’s name is… Piet. [pronounce as Pete]
2. He is… 92 years old.
3. He is as big as… 182 cm / 6 feet.
4. He has… white hair [whats left of it] and… brown eyes.
5. His favorite food is… fish.
6. His favorite color is… navy blue.
7. He likes to go for… a drive.
8. For fun he likes to… switch TV channels every few minutes which annoys us very much.
9. My favorite thing to do with my dad is… have a good talk.
10. I love my dad because… he’s himself.

There are bonus questions on the back of the card, but since my Dad reads these post too I won’t answer them.

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