Gettin’ Some Color

Being June 2, at last Spring has started. Last Wednesday I talked my Dad into a ride in the countryside, the both of us on our electric 3-wheel scooters. At first he didn’t want to go, leaving my Mum behind for a few hours, but after I explained to her where we would go and how long the trip would take, they both were convinced.

We both live in a neighborhood where cycle-paths cross main roads under viaducts. I was a bit surprised when my Dad asked why we didn’t drove out of his street, cross the road and be on our way. When I told him “You live next to a park were there are no crossings, or you have to watch out for traffic coming from 2 to 3 sides, why would you bother?” Nature is literally around the front door. We live only half a mile from the Waterland countryside. And in the Netherlands cities are planned to the millimeter, city stops countryside begins.

Former lakes making Nieuwendam [part of Amsterdam-North] map from 1860
Former lakes making Nieuwendam [part of Amsterdam-North] map from 1860
So through the park, under the circular road A10 towards Zunderdorp, over small drawbridges towards Broek in Waterland. After 10 minutes we had our first stop, fresh ice-cream homemade from farm fresh milk. And then the cycle paths along Broekergouw towards Broek. He was astonished by the landscape, the polder, water levels and the farms. All the things you miss when you go by car from A to B using the main roads. In Broek we passed, underground, the N247 to continue our trip to Havenrak, a street in Broek. On the lake with the same name there used to be a well-known restaurant ‘Neeltje Pater’ my Dad [almost 90] remembered he once had dinner there, even then it was $$$$. [he was invited]

Then back towards N247, crossing the Broekervaart and driving over Broekermeerdijk back towards the city. Halfway along Broekermeerdijk you have a great view over the surrounding landscape, the former Broekermeer floor [meer = lake] is some 6 meters / 20 foot below the road, and even in that polder you have different water levels. After crossing under N235 it was just a short drive home along N247, the golf and country club, and some shopping at Albert Heijn before he went home. We got a good dose of vitamin D along the way, something we all needed after this horrid spring we had.

I do know now a trip to Monnickendam is too far for him. He looses the feel in his fingers from giving gas to the scooters motor. But short trips can be done, we’ll see where we’ll end up next.

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  1. That’s a really nice thing to do. I expect he was tired when he returned home, but also pleased he took the trip.

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