TMI Friday – Shoes

1. How many shoes (i.e.: all footwear) do you possess?
Four pairs, normal boots [2x], slippers styled as boots, bath-shoes also as boots.

2. How does wearing shoes make you feel?
Taller! I can’t walk without shoes/boots and the formed inlays makes me taller, not that I need that part, I was always 6’6”.

3. What is the most you have spent on a pair of shoes?
Each year I get a new pair of leather shoes, they are handmade to fit my Charcot distorted feet. I know they cost 2.500 euro a pair, but my health insurance picks up the bill. With the going rate at the moment that would be $3.242,95
When I still worked I was wearing brogues of 350 euro / 454 USD a pair, and bought about 3 to 4 pairs a year.

4. Do you have a favorite pair?
The ones I’m wearing at the moment.

5. What are your feet most comfortable in?
See 4.

6. Flip flops (between the toes) or sandals?
Neither, see 2.

7. Do you match your belt to your shoes?
Not anymore, but I used to do that.

8. Crocs are…