TMI Friday – Mothers Day

mothers_day_hearts1. Tell me about your mother. 
If all goes well she’ll turn 93 in six weeks time. She had me almost 58 years ago.
2. How do you address your mother?
3. Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions?
Not really, when we were young, in our teens, breakfast with the whole family. When my sisters started to have a family of their own, morning coffee and cake.
4. What’s you favorite memory of your mom?
There are so many, we once travelled by train, for a short stay, to Munich and back. We’ve never been that close since my birth, those seats were far too small. On a trip to Paris her little black book brought us to a cake shop in the Rue du Bac, coffee and a flimsy piece of cake cost us an arm and a leg, but we both enjoyed it.
5. What are your Mother’s Day plans for this year?
Coffee and cake, maybe lunch as well.
6. Do you have a specific type of gift you like to give your mom?
Being there is, in her words, the greatest gift. It’s Mothers Day also the rest of the year, same goes for Fathers Day, I don’t cover them with gifts but once in a while I’ll take something with me.

No bonus question this time?

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  1. ooooh, I love the new banner photo!

    you are lucky to have a good relationship with your mother; some of us are not so lucky. give her a big hug from across the pond from me!

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