Shop Till You Drop…

cologne_neumarktBoth my younger sister and I have lost weight, enough to look for a smaller size. So early Wednesday morning we’re both off to Cologne to do some shopping.

Of course there are shops in Amsterdam too, but like many Dutch we like a bargain. Why pay 139 euro in Amsterdam for a jeans when the same one costs 89 euro in Cologne. So what we save, even after the cost of gas, is far more and we have a great day out. Maybe we can finish it off with an ice-cream cone at Neumarkt. And no it doesn’t have to be as big as the one on the photo [then we need a bigger size in clothing to begin with].

5 thoughts on “Shop Till You Drop…

  1. see, that’s what’s cool about european countries; hop a train/drive a car and you are in a different country from your own in no time! cannot do that here; we too big!

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ice cream…vanilla please!

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