Phhhhhhhhhhhh… home!

We left at six this morning and arrived back home at five. But… we had a great day. It took us 3 hours to arrive in Cologne, 262 km / a little under 163 miles. Morning traffic wasn’t that heavy, but on the way back we came from one traffic jam into the next. It’s Ascension Day tomorrow which means Germany closes for the weekend early.

Anyway, we had a coffee first @ Starbucks on Hohenzollernring, before we crossed the street to the Friesenplatz. Here I dropped my sister at the Big Size ladies department, while I walked a little further to the Big Size mens department. I tried on two chino’s, selected 4 short sleeve shirts and 4 short sleeve polo’s, paid my due and walked back to the ‘ladies’. Seeing Sis not downstairs I went up, where she found two light weight vests and ordered a Capri pant. She was surprised I was already done with my shopping, I did mine in 30 minutes. She found a light weight jeans but was not sure if she should buy it. I said try it on again, which she did and it fit perfectly, great when she tours Vietnam in August.

4711Next stop Glockengasse, for a perfume house world-wide known by only its house number… 4711. Our mother wanted to have some refreshing wipes and as good children we fulfilled her wishes. I even bought a bottle for myself, not the sickening ‘grandmother’ 4711 smell but one with melissa & verbena. Next it was to  ‘Peter Hahn’ on Breite Strasse, it’s a brick store from a mail order company. Sis had a whole list of Chino styles she wanted to try. While she did her shopping I was sitting at a café enjoying the view, a nice young gay waiter who came over to talk, and the passersby. We both had lunch before getting back to the car and returning home. Halfway I nodded off, I walked a bit more than I could chew, and when I finally arrived home, I just sat down started the computer, only to wake up a few hours later.

The news about what I had bought had already reached my parents and Big Sis who’s over from up north said: “WOW, you bought a corpsbal [frat boy] Chino! I never thought you would do a thing like that!” [I may be getting older but I’m still young at heart.] She has to wait till tomorrow when I show the red Chino and matching shirt to her.


5 thoughts on “Phhhhhhhhhhhh… home!

  1. O.M.G.!!! I didn’t know 4711 was still around. It was a favorite back in the late 60s, early 70s and then it disappeared. You take care of your smart, stylish self.

  2. I sure hope you’ll be sharing photos soon of your new fashions and the new you! I had no idea the origin of the name 4711. I learn so much from you!

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