abc--usa-sign-languageNo, I’m not lost, it’s just my voice. Somewhere during the night of May 3, I coughed so hard, the next day I could only whisper. Of course everyone who talks to me says it had to do with partying on the April 30. Really? That’s the day I didn’t leave home because I hate crowds. I saw all the festivities on TV.

By not saying much I hoped it would get over, now a few days later it’s still the same. And the old remedies like gurgling with salt water, or drinking warm lemon juice with honey, doesn’t help either. So in the mean time I whisper when needed.

This morning I noticed something else, and now I’ve been lost for words again… I put the Thursday Recipe on a Tuesday. Well that’s life!

4 thoughts on “Lost…

  1. my, you ARE lost. perhaps you need dr. spo to check your brain; see his current posting!
    seriously, get well soon; there must be SOMETHING to help you regain your voice.

    1. The written word is a voice too, you know.

      I read Dr Spo’s post, I think the left is fighting the right side of the brain and vice versa.

  2. Oh, I hope that beautiful singing voice returns soon. As for the recipe… what the hell will you do Thursday? My entire week is messed up now!

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