The Day After…

It was a glorious day yesterday. Most of the city is clean of trash again, the trash collectors of Public Works did a great job during the evening and night. HRH the king can sleep in, for a change. His next big performance on Dam Square is at 8 PM on Saturday May 4, Remembrance Day. No orange then but stylish black to remember the death who have fallen in wars and conflicts.

Today and tomorrow people can visit the Nieuwe Kerk [New Church] to view the flower decoration, the investiture throne and enjoy music played on the two-story organ.

Here are some photos from last night, the royal couple and their 3 daughters started a sailing tour on the sunny side of Amsterdam, my part of town, the northern part. The theme was: “This is your country” In which all kinds of trades, but also sports, musicals and performances were shown.

A few weeks ago he told the nation he’s not a protocol fetishist, so of course halfway he stopped the tour, went of the ship and up on a stage where DJ Armin van Buuren was performing with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. The way we saw it on TV was a nervous mayor on his cell, asking for security, which was not necessary of course.

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  1. what a lovely day you all had! the little princesses must have been so tired after all the events. did you go out to see the king, or stay home and view the ceremony on the telly?

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