Once Upon A Time #5

julianaIn a country far, far away… Sorry this is not a fairy tale, but it includes castles, palaces, princesses, queens…

Juliana is like her mother only child and thus against her will inheritor to the throne. On September 6, 1948 she ascends that throne, exactly fifty years after Wilhelmina did. Juliana has been able to practice. She’s in 1947 and 1948 a few weeks regent, when her mother is sick.

With her father, she had a good relationship. They have the same sense of humor in common and until his death in 1934 they are much together. Juliana later finds out that she is not the only child of her father. She has several half-brothers and -sisters. Her own husband will later hold several extramarital relationships.

Her mother is strict. She trains Juliana as spartan as her own mother did to her. Juliana is prepared for the important role they will play. It also means that the often shy princess has to appear in public.

Royal couple
On January 7, 1937 Juliana married with the German Count Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld. They live at Soestdijk Palace and have four daughters. Their youngest daughter Marijke is almost blind at birth. Juliana feels guilty. During her pregnancy she got the disease rubella. Bernard brings the alternative healer Greet Hofmans to Soestdijk.

Later this appears to be the beginning of a major crisis, the Netherlands almost lose the monarchy. The Hofmans Affair is not the only issue of the royal couple. Thus was Prince Bernhard in 1976 involved in the Lockheed affair. He would have accepted bribes.

Despite these affairs the royal family remains popular. Juliana is more sensitive about things than her mother and is therefore closer to the people. As a princess, she is sometimes uncertain. But after a largely spent time in Canada, without a husband and father during World War II, she is a lot more independent.

Bernhard takes Juliana to different countries. He helps ensure that Juliana turns into a worldly woman. A woman who thinks motherhood is just as important as kingship. But also a socially conscious queen who is seen as ‘mother of Holland’.

Juliana is not afraid to stand up for her moral beliefs. Even if this occasionally creates tensions with ministers. She is happy when during her reign Indonesia becomes independent.

Princess Juliana
Queen Juliana holds on the 42nd birthday of Princess Beatrix a speech on radio and television in which she announces that she renounces the throne. Her powers are diminishing, she explains. On April 30, 1980 she officially signs off.

But even as a princess Juliana remains involved with the Netherlands, until her health no longer allows it. In 1999, she lets the people know not to appear in public anymore. Juliana dies March 20, 2004 the age of 94.

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    1. Her older daughter takes over, and 33 years later on the same date she will abdicate in favor of her son. Our seventh monarch…

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