It Took Some Time…

CIMG4637I bought a national flag, flagpole, pennant and flag-holder 3 years ago. And never made the time to install them on my balcony.

Yesterday afternoon I finally installed it, this morning I made a small adjustment and finally… it was flag and pennant in top to celebrate crown prince Willem-Alexander’s 46th birthday. [the future king in 3 days time]

Here in the Netherlands we don’t put the flag out to show ‘patriotism’ as they do in the US of A. There are rules, only on public holidays and birthdays of members of the Royal House, but NOT the Royal Family. When a royal has its birthday, we add an orange pennant to the national flag.

geuzen-flag“Oranje Boven” [Orange on Top] refers to the Dutch tricolor orange-white-blue, which originated around 1630, during the Eighty Years War with Spain. Before 1630, the Dutch rebels, the Geuzen, had a flag with orange-white-blue triangles. The battle cry “Oranje Boven” of the Geuzen refers both to the flag as to their leader, Prince William of Orange. Next to the orange the royal blue color of the House of Nassau was added to that flag. The Dutch flag was a symbol of freedom and remained so even when the orange color of the flag later changed to red. It’s also one of the reasons why so many bigger nations use these colors in their national flag. Freedom from repression. Hence, the Dutch population has on public holidays the orange pennant above the national flag.

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