TMI – Mommy I’m Sick

digital_thermometer1. When you were a kid, what would your mom (or who) do to make you feel better?
My Mum would give me a cup of tea with lots of lemon and honey in it.
2. Who takes care of you now?
When you live on your own, you have to do it yourself. The last time I was really sick, [last week], my neighbor and my Dad took care of me.
3. How often do you tend to get sick?
Almost never, I’m not counting the heart attacks, they come and go.
4. How are you at comforting and aiding the sick?
When needed I’m good, they just have to call.
5. Are you a good patient or a bad one?
Just give me a book…
6. Do you have a your own version of chicken soup?
Adding some grated ginger to the broth.
7. What one thing do you hate most when you get sick?
Not being in the mood for anything, I lose all concentration.
8. What’s your favorite comfort food?
Just to get ‘taste’ back in my mouth a grilled cheese sandwich with Dijon mustard.
9. When was the first and last time you played a doctor?
When I was a kid, I’m not good at role-playing.

“Not now, I have a headache.” Have you used this famous excuse to get out of sex?
Not that I know of…
What line have you used?
OMG! Is that the time?!

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