Once Upon A Time #2

willem_2In a country far, far away… Sorry this is not a fairy tale, but it includes castles, palaces, princes, princesses, kings…

King William II
On November 28, 1840 William II follows in the footsteps of his father. He is a passionate confidently man, who regularly collided with his father. William I doesn’t follow the advice that his son gives. William II can’t wait to be at the helm him self.

During his years in the British army the prince is called ‘Slender Billy’. His fights include the Battle of Waterloo. Of the Dutch population he gets as a thank you palace Soestdijk.

The war years have shaped him. The prince is erratic, talks loud and has his own will. But he can also be kind and good with people from different walks of life.

As King, William II is whimsical. He often changes at the last-minute of opinion and takes on important moments in a political position than just before. In 1848 he is very conservative and suddenly he becomes liberal and welcomes a new Constitution. His power is again limited and the parliament has gained more power.

The first fiancée of William II, the English Princess Charlotte, breaks off the engagement. In 1816 the prince marries Anna Pavlovna, the sister of the Russian Tsar Nicholas I. They have five children.

William II has during his marriage relations with other men. According to various rumors, he is blackmailed because of his dissolute lifestyle.

These are not the only financial problems. William II spends more money than he has, he buys a lot of art and builds several palaces.

Even within his own family it is not going well. One of his sons dies and his eldest son causes William II problems. The Crown Prince finds that his father made a large mistake by voting in favor of the new constitution.

All this makes the welfare of the king no good. Beginning in March 1849, as his health deteriorates, William II pulls himself back alone in Tilburg. On March 17, 1849 William II dies in Tilburg. He’s only been king for nine years. His body is buried in the crypt of the House of Orange at Delft.

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