Oops! That Could Be Me!

Had a talk with my specialist on Monday morning, who was very satisfied with the blood results [again]. Just before leaving he asked if he could check my blood pressure, which was okay by me. Only the end result wasn’t that fine, 181 over 85. We both looked at each other “WTF!” I’m a 135 over 75 kind of guy, sometimes lower, almost never higher. While still sitting at his desk I had a spontaneous nose bleed, and with all the blood thinners I use it wouldn’t stop soon. In the waiting room I took my time to get it fixed.

On the way home I was chilled to the bone, while wearing a wool pullover and my winter jacket. At home I checked my temperature, 40.2 Centigrade / 104.5 Fahrenheit, that could explain the high blood pressure.  Feeling like a wrung out floorcloth, I tried to get some hot liquid into my system, sweetened with cane sugar, something I normally don’t use because the implications of the insulin intake depend on those sugar levels too. I was of course in no mood for food. In case of a heart rhythm disturbance I would have called an ambulance, even when I have the pills to bring it back to normal, but the temp was worrying me more.

The next day the temps had dropped a bit, 39.4 /  103. Next door neighbor/friend Corrie made me a pot of tea and a sandwich, of which I ate a morsel. I didn’t have the strength to make it myself. Still feeling wrung out. Also the coughing during the night must have sounded like a dog barking. During the day the temp dropped a bit more. And I needed some food into the system. Since the taste buds were still not working right, and I wanted to have a ‘taste’ in my mouth I popped a slice of whole wheat bread with a slice of Gouda slathered with Dijon mustard under the grill.

Then I thought of last weeks Adam and Andy cartoon…

Last night my coughing set of my heart rhythm, so I stayed awake till it all subsided, six hours later when people woke up to go to work I went to bed and slept for four hours until the phone woke me up. I was feeling better, not healthy, but getting there, at 38 C /100 F it was a good start. I just needed a fresh breath of air, which of course I over did. I stayed outdoors for 3 hours, going to town to visit the new Marks & Spencer store which opened a few days before. [Of course they were sold out of crumpets! Darn!] But next time, will do too.

Now it’s almost midnight and in a few minutes I try to get some sleep, have to be up by 8.30 AM so the domestic help can come in, we both have a coffee and I’ll be back to get a nap for the rest of the morning.

Good Night!

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