Countdown to a new King and Queen


Willem-Alexander-en-Maxima-in-AmsterdamQueen’s Day [April 30] is always a special day in Amsterdam and this year, there’ll be even more to celebrate as the new king and queen of the Netherlands are officially inaugurated.

Earlier this year, Her Majesty the Queen delivered an official address to the nation, announcing her upcoming abdication from the throne. This will take place on Tuesday, 30 April, 2013 at the Royal Palace on Dam Square, followed by the inauguration of His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange and Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima of the Netherlands as the new king and queen at De Nieuwe Kerk.

Tonight an interview was shown with our next King and Queen, one of the first things that became clear is that there will be no protocol fetishism. So you can call him Alex or your highness, as long as you feel yourself at home by talking to him, or her.

The majority of the traditional Queen’s Day festivities including the street market will go ahead as planned and in addition, Amsterdam will host a special programme of events based around the ceremonies. This will include a royal boat parade and a celebratory King’s Ball at Museumplein.

The official programme is due to commence at 10:00 on 30 April with the abdication of Queen Beatrix, after which the royal family will make an appearance on the palace balcony at 10:30. The departing queen and the new king will both give a short address.

The swearing-in and investiture of His Majesty King Willem-Alexander will take place at De Nieuwe Kerk from 14:00 to 15:30, after which the king and his entourage will return to the Royal Palace for a private reception.

In november of this year this Kingdom will celebrate its 200 years of existence. But we have a long history with the Orange-Nassau family, which goes back to 1559 when William the Silent became stadholder of Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht and Friesland, and leader of the Dutch Revolt.

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