Got Milk?

ah-melkmeisjeWe don’t have abducted children on milk cartons, but since the beginning of this week we’ve got Old Masters on them.

Albert Heijn* supermarkets have turned their own brand of milk products into the carrier of good news, buy milk and get a discount of 5 euro on your entrance ticket, and… get some art on your table.

*Albert Heijn’s international name is Royal Ahold which is the owner of Stop & Shop supermarkets in the New England and New York metro area and Giant Landover in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia in the USA.

Click for a larger carton.

4 thoughts on “Got Milk?

  1. what kewl milk cartons! I could pick out the van gogh and the rembrandt without enlarging the picture. 🙂

    when spouse and I lived in northern va (DC burbs), we shopped at giant. they had the BEST fresh baked croissants every morning. I have not found their equal since we moved home to philly. 😦

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