S’ wonderful! ‘S marvelous!

SK-A-138A new favorite of mine, a festoon with flowers and fruit, oil on canvas by Jan Davidszoon de Heem,  circa 1660 – 1670.  WOW! Btw, click on the photo, for an extra large version

I went to the opening of the Rijksmuseum, for the friends of the museum. Next Saturday HRH Queen Beatrix will open the museum itself, after which the general public can see for themselves  all the treasures.

There’s a  revolving door for valid people, and a mirror image of that entrance which is a round elevator. So getting in with your electric scooter is no problem. In the lobby you can deposit your coat, have something to drink or eat, and visit the gift or book store, before you go up to the galleries you have to park your scooter and change to a wheelchair. Scooters are not allowed in the galleries. [Are they afraid of accidents?]


I walked to the Special Collections department, made some photos which turned out not so good, and took the elevator to the Hall of Fame, or as the museum calls it Hall of Honor. That’s where I saw the ‘festoon’ just a few steps from ‘The Threatened Swan’. I didn’t look at the Night Watch, the lower half was not visible because of many people standing in front of it. After an hour walking around I went back downstairs to pick up the scooter to drive home.

I’ll be back on an other time, early in the morning when the tourists are still asleep, or start to queue for the Anne Frank House or Van Gogh Museum. Just taking my time… And when you’re in Amsterdam, just go and see this museum, it ‘s wonderful, ‘s marvelous!

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