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The international press was invited to have a look at the New Rijksmuseum. All photos of the building are © Floris Lok for Het Parool [local daily newspaper in Amsterdam]. The Threatened Swan is part of the Rijks Studio collection [see post] When the building opened in 1885 it was a piece of art in its own way, now after 10 years of restoration and renovation it can be seen in its same glory.

Here are also some numbers: In the ‘Old’ Rijksmuseum they had 1 million visitors a year, in the ‘New’ Rijksmuseum they hope to welcome 1.7 million people a year. The building is 44500m² = 478993ft², the garden 14418m² = 155194ft², total renovation costs 375 million euro or a little over 485 million USD. The collection consists of about 1 million art pieces, of which 700,000 are on paper like drawings, prints and photos. They have 80 different galleries and show 800 years of Dutch art and history. The width of books in the library is 6 km / 4 miles and seeing all the art on all floors from one side of the building to the next is a walk of 1.5 km or a mile.

The Asian Art collection will have its own modern pavilion in the gardens.

On my visit next Sunday I hope to visit the Special Collections department, someone I know is curator there, and I heard she was given a small space [50m² = 538ft²] to show the fashion collection.

UPDATE: In its first year of opening the museum attracted 3 million visitors.

8 thoughts on “Preview Rijksmuseum

  1. I am impressed! I would experience vertigo on that library’s spiral staircase, but look at all the books! and a delft pottery violin! looks light and airy and free-flowing and welcoming a stop-n-look closer at the artworks.

    thanks for sharing, peter!

    PS – I guess you got your new scooter wheels to allow you to do this tour! 🙂

    1. Anne Marie, I’ve still got a scooter on loan. Just hope I don’t have to drive backwards, the WHEEE, WHEEE, WHEEE sound it makes is like an alarm going off.

  2. The project took too long and went well over budget, but yet it looks like it was very well worth it and something for the country to be very proud of.

    1. Visitors can rent an iPad to take through the museum, it provides additional information on art but also how certain things were used in their day. Some paintings show on the iPad what’s not visible anymore.

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