Heart-pumps-bloodLast Monday I saw my cardiologist again, just a quick check-up after my ‘visit’ to ICCU in mid February. He hoped all was well now, with the new meds and so. Alas since mid February I’ve had another four attacks, of which the last one was only 24 hours prior to visiting him.

He said he had stronger meds, but they also had greater side effects, but he didn’t say what those effects were. He first wanted to do another test. If you live in the Netherlands you know there are waiting lists for every ailment that has to be checked in a hospital or clinic, so was I was quiet surprised when the nurse told me I could be seen at OLVG for a myocardial scintigraphy on Wednesday and Thursday of the same week.

608px-Nl_mpi2So later today I have that check-up, first they make my heart race, the stress situation, before they inject me with a low dosage of nuclear substance, and over a time span of 40 minutes they make 2-D photos of where the oxygen lack is, but also if all the valves still work. [I know I have a leaking valve]. The next day they do it all again, but now without stress.

Ever since my blood glucose levels are lower, more side effects of the ‘bad’ years pop up. Now I need specs to read, while before I could read the small print on a banknote without, but needed glasses to see in the distance. Have had my eyes lasered, inside the eyeball, to burn close some of the bruising spots, except for the ones that are close to the yellow spot. And now these hearth rhythm attacks, or as they call them heart attacks. Next to that I have a wonderful life! Let’s hope they bring me new wheels today as well, the scooter broke down last week, and it’s no fun to be stuck at home all the time. [Even with the cold weather we’re having]

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  1. OMB, dear! spouse has been thru the tests you are describing; just had one in january this year and all is well.

    let’s hope for new wheels AND warmer weather. monday it snowed here; I thought spring was here, BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! my flowers are so confused!

  2. Okay, the new wheels arrived at 8.30, so I could do some shopping before the taxi whisked me off to the hospital. Of course I was far too early for my appointment, so I had all the time to bring the heart pressure back to a normal level before they injected the different fluids. An hour later they did the scan, I just closed my eyes, concentrated on my breathing and before I knew it all the pix were taken.

    Tomorrow we do it all again but now without the stress fluid. And then… my long weekend starts. Every week is a long weekend for me, when you don’t have a proper job

    1. I glow in the dark, or is that my radiant personality! Talked to a friend who had too much radio active fluid in her bloodstream, she set off alarms at the airport, but after explaining they typed a letter so she could pass at the next border patrol.

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