TMI – Saint Patrick’s Day

question-mark1a. Do you have any Irish in you?
Not that I’m aware of.
1b. Would you like some?
Are you offering? [I know the one asking these questions is part Irish]
2. Do you wear green?
Only when I’ve eaten something I shouldn’t do, like green around the gills
3. Green beer is…
4. Irish coffee is…
5. Have you worn a kilt?
6. Have you gone to the New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade?
7. St. Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland with a stick. How would you handle snakes?
We don’t have them except in the zoo, then there are the one-eyed snakes… but that’s something totally different.

I’m 100% Irish. Would you kiss me?
A friendly kiss can’t harm anyone, can it?!

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