iStock_000001377725XSmallGone is that balmy weather we had, it only lasted 3 days, and back came the Ice Queen. Then it was 6ºC / 42ºF on our northern isles, while in the south it was 18ºC / 63ºF a distance of just 303 km/ 188 miles.

Up here, in Amsterdam, we don’t have snowfall like they have in the middle and south of the country, which is only 100 km/62 miles down the road. But it’s still -4 outside [24ºF], and with the windchill factor -11ºC / a c-c-cold 12 Fahrenheit.

In this nice weather I have to go out, to arrange some things for the housing association, get a haircut, visit IKEA and later the hospital to get my eyes checked, before I return home. Hope by then the temps have gone up.


4 thoughts on “C-c-cold

  1. Oh, brrrrrrrr! Your beautiful tulip banner and borders almost make think it’s spring. I guess not! Stay as warm as you can and be careful out there!

  2. We were hit with a big storm last week, but dodged the snowfall. Winds up to 60 mph all day Wednesday, with light snow on Thursday. Just enough to close schools and send everyone into a panic. I hope your weather warms up soon so that the crocus can finally bloom is bright sun. Take care.

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