Do I Smell Spring In The Air?

nieuwsgierige_koeOkay, we had a few days of balmy weather, just what we needed after several weeks of ‘white shit’. Alas, the weather for the weekend isn’t promising, sleet and icy roads.

So when I woke up on Tuesday morning and opened the window wider, I knew it was getting Spring time. The wind was in the wrong direction so we all could enjoy the smell of slurry which had been distributed over the nearby grasslands. In a months time the cattle goes back to the pastures.

Slurry is a mixture of solid dung and liquid manure of animal origin, and is used to give the soil an extra kick, instead of using artificial fertilizer. That’s also one the nice things of living on the outskirts of town. Suburbs in Dutch cities are nothing like suburbs anywhere, Dutch cities are planned by the millimetre. The highrises stop at the edge of town and the countryside is next.

3 thoughts on “Do I Smell Spring In The Air?

  1. we had some “white shit” this morning; dusted the grass, but not the sidewalks and streets.

    supposed to be in the 50s F this weekend. that will make my flowers REALLY stick their heads up from the dirt! 🙂

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