TMI Wednesday

question-markYOU HAIRY BEAST
1. Just how hairy are you? Do you desire more or less and where?
I’m not hairy at all
2. Your friend post’s a pic of you when you were 25, what year is it and what does your hair look like?
It was 1980, and I had half long hair, then it was still dark brown.
3. What do you have to do and how long does it take you to make your hair look the way it does?
I get out of bed and it’s ready for the rest of the day
4. What was the most you ever paid for a haircut?
20 euros, that’s about $26
5. Do you manscape?
6. Men with beards are?
7. What hair on a man affects your libido most?
Hairy arms and legs, not necessarily a hairy ass.

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