A Bed, But Not My Own…

I had a pleasant evening with the guys at the Pink Noord drink on Thursday. Before midnight I was home and an hour-and-a-half later I was in a bed, but not my own.

drums2I didn’t feel well, had another heart rhythm disturbance, and called a taxi to bring me to ER at the hospital across the road. Normally the rhythm goes back to its normal beat when they put an infusion needle in my arm, but not this time. I heard from a doctor I had a light myocardial infarction, and this was the third time in as many years. So from ER I went the following morning to Intensive Cardiac Care. And an hour ago I was released.

The nurse joked I missed hospital food, after being away for 3 weeks. [That was at an other hospital btw]. I’m still alive and kicking, starting slowly with work again but at a slower beat.

11 thoughts on “A Bed, But Not My Own…

  1. I thought maybe you got lucky Peter! But seriously, I’m glad you’re OK. Please take care, RIGHT!!! Love you.

  2. Why did you wait a whole hour before blogging this? Next time I expect you to tweet it from the ER!

    Reminds me of that line in the first Harry Potter movie. Ron commenting on Harmione, “She needs to get her priorities straight!”

    I’m glad you’re home and recovering and hope it’s as minor as you make it out to be.

    1. Sean, I had 62 mails in my box, which I read and answered first. In the mean time I could form the words and think of what I wanted to write.

      I don’t have clogged up arteries which can give you a heart attack. Just an artery that runs between the two main entry/exit points which can result in the heart rhythm disturbancies and infarction. If it really was a full myocardial infarction I would be still in hospital.

  3. Is an ICD an option? Mine has keep me out of the ER and have one major instances were it adjusted a rhythm disturbances. Now its a checkup/tumeup every 90 days

    1. I’m having a talk with my specialist soon, it all depends on my insurers, I’m not sure they will pick up the tab. Have been in hospital now twice within 3 weeks.

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