Driving Mr. Daisy Dad

victory_10_dx_3_r_beauty_7-10Last week my Dad received his scooter, so he can do his shopping by himself without interference of my sister and me. Due to the bad weather last week, snow and ice, he couldn’t train on it, we did that today.

How to go up and down sidewalks, to stop, going backwards, the whole routine. Before we hit the road he asked why we didn’t went up the sidewalk to go to the mall. When there’s a cycle path you use that, if you don’t feel save to use the road and there’s a sidewalk, use that instead. So through the park we went, he took a wrong turn somewhere, and I had to ask him if he didn’t know that was a dead-end. He has lived near this park for 40 years, but didn’t know how to get to the mall. [That’s what you get when you use a car all the time].

We went shopping at AH, milk, bread, fresh and frozen vegetables and clams, but also from which way you drive up to the deep-freeze cabinets. Afterwards we made a round through the mall. Here I showed him you can open doors at V&D by pushing a button, or hope a shopper who’s entering or leaving HEMA opens the door for you.

I’m wondering now when he stands in front of my door, he has the keys and can drive all the way up to the front door on the second floor [3rd for Americans]

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