End Of An Era…

Half an hour ago at 7 pm we heard that our much-loved Queen Beatrix will abdicate from the throne in favor of her son Crown prince Willem Alexander. It will happen on April 30th aka Queensday. It will mean we’ll be having a king again, the last one died in 1890.

It’s also a new beginning, 2013 marks also twohundred years of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In 1813 what is now known as Belgium was still part of the Kingdom. They split in 1830.

8 thoughts on “End Of An Era…

  1. Judged to be an important story by our news broadcasters. It must be nice to have a queen who people generally like and respect.

  2. Life is strange. At work this afternoon, a co-worker came up and said, “did you hear, the queen of The Netherlands is leaving the throne to her son.” I kid you not. He was shocked when I knew her name. You know, “Beatrix” isn’t a common name in these parts. What a lovely lady she is.

  3. On April 30th there will be an inauguration, not a coronation. Church and State are separate in the Netherlands which shows also by doing it this way.

  4. SHe is the only monarach I ever met – she and her spouse came to Detroit in the 80s; I remember going down to see her. I was thrilled. She made me proud of my Dutch blood (not much but it’s there). What a lovely country; what a lovely woman.

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