TMI Friday – Super Hero or Villain?

1. If you could be a Super Hero or Super Villain, which would you be and why?
A Super Hero of course, fighting injustice.
2. What’s your secret identity? 
Being a cripple with funds. [The first not far from the thruth, the second very far].
3. Which person in your life would be your trusted sidekick? 
Ladd Liberty [you know Lady Lib’s brother]
4. What is your kryptonite (weakness)?
You still have to ask that? Chocola… tickling of course!
5. What are your power(s)?
Knowing the difference between good and evil
6. Describe your costume.
A flowing pant suit, and as a weapon the Scales of Justice.

Which Super Hero or Super Villain would you most like to have sex? Be specific i.e.: Christopher Reeve aka Superman, Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern, Super Friends Wonder Woman. Describe the sex.
Justin Hartley aka Aquaman. Hot, wet and long-lasting.

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