Dreamless In Amsterdam

sleep-cloudEvery night since surgery I don’t sleep that well. Or they are cat naps, or it’s just for a few hours and then I’m wide awake. Also when I close my eyes during those short rest periods I don’t have dreams, it’s like a hollow cave up there.

Another thing is, I like to read, and when I’m into a good book I do it for hours. Now I can’t concentrate to read one page.

The easy way out is to watch TV, but that doesn’t stimulate my brain like a book does. In a book I can travel in my mind’s eye, see what’s going on, think about what’s going to happen, see if I can solve the riddle.

Let’s hope this side effect of the anaesthetics is gone soon, I miss my nightly adventures.

5 thoughts on “Dreamless In Amsterdam

  1. Up all night myself despite ambien, benadryl and even a shot of Vodka. I hope tonight goes better since I’ll be dragging my ass all day today.

  2. I’m sorry you’re having sleep issues. Sending good restful thoughts your way.

    By the way, for the times I want to read but can’t concentrate the way I need to, I have a special selection of books. Things like graphic novels, comic strip collections like Calvin and Hobbes, books of quotes,…

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