Daily Archives: January 16, 2013


snowy-bike-in-amsterdamWith the scooter repaired and the elevator working again I could go out today. First stop my parents place, hadn’t seen my Mum since last week on Wednesday. I’ve spoken with her over the phone numerous times, but that’s different. [She’s not getting any younger and neither am I].

Of course she wanted to know how I was doing, if I had any pain, did I sleep well, how my diabetes is going and some chit-chat on other things*. Later on my sister came in with their shopping and she brought Julius with her. Of course he knew who to beg for a treat or two… three, that’s fIMAG0596rom Mum and me.

While my parents had lunch he was never far away from Mum’s chair, hoping some treat would “fall” to the floor, and when something finaly dropped you have to direct him to it since he’s now totally blind. I had to stop her when she wanted to give him a sliver of paté.

Next stop was doing some shopping to fill some of the larder again, with good stuff. Small packets of apple sauce without added sugar, fish rillette, frozen salmon, tilapia and pre-cooked chicken. But also milk products, juice and light soy sauce. At an other supermarket the Beemster cheese was so cheap, just 1 euro instead of 2.90 a packet I bought some more than needed at this moment, in the fridge it will stay good till the best before date in two months time. Also small portions of yoghurt for my late night snack, as recommended by the specialist. Afterwards to HEMA for coffee pads, peanut butter and rye-bread, and then fully packed home.

Then it was time for a some hot broth to warm up again, driving around in -7 Centigrade / 17 Fahrenheit was enough for the coming days.

*No I don’t have pain, just some itching of the scars. I don’t sleep that well but I got some homeopathic pills for that now. My diabetes or blood glucose levels are low, but not too low. From 64 units of insulin a day I’m down to 24 units. Oh, and I shouldn’t carry heavy bags, something to think about next time.