Another One Prepared Earlier

I’m off for a few days,iStock_000015452281XSmall having later today my surgery. I hope you’ll all behave while I’m gone, but you still can leave a message.

See you later on the right side, or the left! [I try to stay away from the other side].

Let’s hope the weird feeling I have is not this one below.


Oh I forgot, there’s no scanning involved. 😉

5 thoughts on “Another One Prepared Earlier

  1. they would NEVER get me into one of those tubes; I have claustrophobia. and with my luck, the tech would be watching “here comes honey boo boo” or “keeping up with the kardashians” (american white trash tv).

  2. I do hope to see you on the “other side” Peter, but not in the near future! Good luck! xxx

  3. That picture is a riot! I know that feeling you are talking about. My INR has not been right since the holidays do have that “feeling” till Wednesday morning.

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