Daily Archives: January 7, 2013


medical-symbol-chromePre Operative Talk, that’s what P.O.T. stands for, and I had one this afternoon.

With the surgery coming up this Friday I wanted to know if the precautions I took were the right ones, and if not what I should do differently.

I have to start on my blood thinners again, and stop a thrombosis pill a day before the surgery. Also no insulin from midnight the day before they put their knifes in me. What wondered me most was the time I have to stay in the hospital, if all goes well during surgery and the day afterwards, I could be home by Sunday.

On the diet front I almost fell out of my chair [I bought a blender because normally you have to eat three to four weeks puree foods],  but she told me I only had to eat two days puree food before I could start with normal small portions.

I stocked up on vla and frozen summer fruit to blend into the vla. But also apple sauce, and there’s still enough soup in the larder till the end of the month.

As you’ll notice the Thursday Recipes have become lighter, and will be less salty and higher in fiber and protein.