Cleaning Out The Larder

drosteYesterday morning my younger sister helped me cleaning out the larder. Of course I started the night before with checking the Best Before Dates, at that moment Juli 2007 was the oldest product. Yesterday we even found a tin of cocoa powder [!] with a date of January 1999. That must have slipped my mind in all those 14 years in between, or do you think it had to do with chocolate?!

All the products I’m not allowed to have went out, some to her home and others to my parents. All the out of date stuff went into the trash.

She wondered why I have as a single person so much china. I have to admit I’ve got 4 types of plates, beige square ones, oblong white, triangle white and round white, if necessary I can feed an army of 50 and still have plates to spare. The oblong and triangle are the best china, the square one are for regular use and the round ones in case there’s a  party and everyone should have the same set in front of them.  They came in handy during the Pink Noord Xmas dinner.

spring-cleaningIn the mean time I also sorted through other stuff, many plastic bags with old news papers, magazines and other printed paper went to the paper recycle point. As I wrote to a friend “I’ve no idea why I hang on to those old papers and for such a long time”. especially when you know the recycle point is just down the street.

In a weeks time a new life for me starts, a new step in the right direction. So it was a good idea so all the old stuff is left behind at the trash point.

I’m afraid when my domestic help arrives next Wednesday, she’ll need oxygen. I’ve never had such an empty house or bare kitchen worktop.

The only thing to do is to figure out where my sister put all my stuff, because things I need on a daily basis I can’t find. Next to that, her husband is the cook so he designed their kitchen and lay-out, and put the things he needs most on the places which are as handy as possible. Which, as I noticed, are not the places she would pick.

4 thoughts on “Cleaning Out The Larder

  1. @ Sean, Yes and no ! Cleaning up the house I’ve done each time before a surgery, you never know if you’ll return home. Better sort through your stuff yourself then when your family has to do it for you. Although by that time you wont be there. They should take a good look at the art book section on the shelves 😉

  2. I’m one of those people that loves to organize and purge and doesn’t keep anything I don’t really need or want to treasure. I love to clean-out, pitch, and organize. I wish I lived closer, I’d offer to come help too.

    My mother never had a thing in the kitchen that was even a week beyond expiration. I would sort through everything all the time and throw out anything dated. She even won a bet once about her spice cabinet. Someone she worked with that was over for dinner one night said oh I bet you have spices in there from when you first got married. She said, “Want to bet?” and opened up the cabinet. Her friend couldn’t believe it, and asked her how she does it.

    She pointed at me and said, “Ask the food police over there.” I think I was 9.

    Thinking about you and sending you good thoughts for your surgery and your year ahead.

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