Best Of Amsterdam #50 – Say Fromage

It was 1953 and Abraham Kef started in the basement of Marnixstraat 192 his French cheese store. At that time he was one of the first to sell fromage de France in the Netherlands. Now almost 60 years later, French cheese is a common produce in supermarkets, but when you’re looking for non mass-produced cheeses you still have to end up in the basement or Cave de Kef.

Abraham became famous in Amsterdam, and the rest of the Netherlands with a cheese called Poire de St-Vrain, a product they still sell nowadays. next to French cheeses they also sell Tuma d’la Paja [Italy] and Stilton [England] and some bio-cheeses from Holland.

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Abraham Kef
Marnixstraat 192
1016 TJ Amsterdam

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    1. @Anne Marie, Gouda is made all over the world, it’s a process for a certain type of cheese, for a specific taste try an Edammer [ask Spo], or Leerdammer, or any other Dutch cheese that doesn’t have Gouda in its name.

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