Spo Meme

question-markis jolly good fun! [fill in the blank]

Tea, wine, or champagne? …
Coffee before noon, tea past noon, sometimes a glass of wine or beer and even rarer a glass of champagne I prefer Demi-Sec
How left handed are you?
That’s the hand to hold my Kindle
The loudest item of clothing I have is…
a short sleeved polo by Polo Ralph Lauren
The Best Friend: who is s/he?
You know who you are, I’ll only use their first letters J, W, P & C
I’d rather eat rats in Tewkesbury than…
eels smoked, fried or whatever.

How many of these have you done?:

  1. Been to an opera – YES ! “The Turn Of The Screw” by Benjamin Britten
  2. Read a novel by Dickens – NO
  3. Drank Bourbon – YES in a mixed drink
  4. Been to Key West – NO, I’ve neither been to our northern [habitated] isles like Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland en Schiermonnikoog.
  5. Visited The Stratford Festival of Canada – NO
  6. Spiders give you the heebie-jeebies – YES, even when I know they are very useful creators
  7. Been to Michigan – YES, a stop-over in Detroit, switching planes to Indianapolis [does that count?]
  8. Rolled down a grass hill – YES, way back when
  9. Ate Synder Pretzels – NO
  10. Used the word ‘rubbish” in the past 30 days – YES, use it almost daily, especially when watching TV
  11. Worn a bow tie – YES, with my tuxedo
  12. Have a set of Viking horns – NO

Thanks Dr Spo