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Today, 50 Years Ago

Queen Wilhelmina, grandmother of our present Queen Beatrix: 31 August 1880 – 28 November 1962. Photo: Anefo

I was a wee young lad, almost 7 years old but do remember the funeral which we saw on a neighbor’s TV [December 4]. A white funeral, not because of snow but because the horses, coach and coffin were covered in white cloth and white feathers.

Just the way her mother Emma and husband Hendrik had done. All Princesses and the Queen were dressed in white too.

“Death is not the end but a start of a new life” was her motto.

see also Dutch historic people @ Rijksmuseum – Amsterdam

HRH Queen Beatrix designed together with specialists in this field a new funeral coach.

Up until now we’ve seen it three times, HRH late husband Prince Claus in October 2002, Queen Juliana March 2004 and her husband Prince Bernhard December 2004 were carried to their last resting place in the Royal Tomb in the New Church in Delft.

Easy… And Now Swallow…

FOKKE & SUKKE do not want an endoscopy, because you never know where they have put that hose before

Getting to the hospital took almost 90 minutes, of which an hour standing still in a traffic jam.

The endoscopy procedure was less than 10 minutes and now I have a clear bill of health for my stomach [no ulcers] and small intestines. There’s only a little red rash in my throat… okay I can play Doctor as well. Could it be from last week when you stuffed that tube down my throat?

Only one appointment left, in an other hospital next week, for new clogs shoes. And then I have all the time to myself and the things I want to do, like sleeping in.