Daily Archives: November 21, 2012

“You Can Swallow, Again !”

I thought I fulfilled all the things that was said in the letter for the endoscopy. I was not allowed to eat or drink after midnight, so I stopped eating my last snack at eleven. At nine this morning they stuffed the endoscope down my throat and… my stomach was still not empty. Bugger, what a nasty feeling is that, the endoscope down your throat.

“Mr Peter, you can make a new appointment for next week, so you can swallow again!” One could get an ulcer from hearing that.

I hoped they could find some space next Tuesday when I have loads of time on my hands between two appointments, but alas, I’ve to be back on Wednesday… very early! I know already what I’ll have for dinner, a filled soup and lots of water to wash it all down the “drain”.