Best Of Amsterdam #47 – Olives & More

Olives in all shapes, sizes and tastes, welcome to the world of Jermoumi, the olive specialist on Lindengracht market. They’re only two days of the week in town,  on Wednesday on Haarlemmerplein and on Saturday at Lindengracht, but they are the best!

I do love their olives soaked in red wine, but also the ones with an almond stuck in them. Or the spicy ones, it’s almost like chocolate, too much to choose from. And you can taste before you buy! Next to olives they also sell nuts, fresh goats cheese and bunches of Moroccan herbs like mint. [fresh mint tea]

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Jermoumi Oliva & Nuts
Lindengracht between 1e Lindendwarsstraat and 2e Lindendwarsstraat
[this market is just a joy to walk the whole way]
sorry they don’t have a website

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