Daily Archives: October 26, 2012

TMI Friday – Stop and Count

1. the # of homes you have lived in the: Longest? Best? Worst?
I’ve lived in six different homes. The longest in my current, over 31 years, it’s also the best. For extra brownie points I’ve lived 6 months in Germany and almost a year in the UK.

2. the # of cars you had: the best?
Zero, zilch, nada.

3. the approximate # of sexual encounters you have had.
I was wondering when this question would come up Sean! Fifteen, and all in my early twenties. After that work and responsibilities took over, I’m sure I missed possibilities or didn’t read the signs right, but that’s all water under the bridge now.

4. the # of siblings you have. Your #?
I have 3 siblings, and I’m #2

5. the # of careers you have had: Best? Worst?
Let’s see, I started working after school at a textile warehouse, then the paint department of HEMA, the camping department of AH, a summer job at a printer, shoe sales person at 3 different companies, men’s wear sales person at 5 different companies of which one was in Germany and the other in the UK. The last company I worked for, our family company, I took over. Since 2003, two years after I was forced to stop from regular work, I had 3 voluntary jobs, I like the webmaster and editor job for the Guild best. So in total I had 15 jobs, but not all were paid ones.

6. the # of music albums you have. (all formats combined) approx 260 CD’s, I do have to admit I seldom listen to them anymore, neither do I listen to the radio. And no, I don’t have an iPod or other iDevices.

7. the # of operations you have had.
Only three! Appendix, gall bladder and lap-band. When I broke both feet in 2001 they couldn’t be operated, I went straight into plaster for the next two years.

the # of significant others you have been in love with.
Real persons only 3! Imaginary BF’s too many 😉