Daily Archives: October 19, 2012

TMI Friday

1. What were your favorite games as a kid?
Monopoly, even when it took too long to finish and Game of the Goose

2. Which Monopoly piece best describes you?
When we played this game we didn’t have those kind of pieces, we used colored pawns instead.

3. Ever play Doctor?
Boy, that’s a long time ago! You mean “Operation” by Hasbro or Milton Bradley don’t you?!

4. How are you at Strip Poker?
I don’t like card games.

5. Best time for solving Rubik’s Cube?
When you’re nervous and need your hands to do something. I still haven’t solved it, maybe I’m not nervous enough?

6. Rock, Paper, Scissors? or Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock?
This is a typical US game we don’t play.

7. Do you still play board games with friends? Which ones?
Scrabble, Triominoes

What role-playing games do you play in the bedroom? With whom? I live alone for the past 35 years!

TMI was started by Sean, it doesn’t mean I’ll answer all his TMI questions. Some are Too Much Information.